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Land and Cabins

It’s Spring

John : May 20, 2016 11:55 am : land and Cabin

So here it is May already and an early breakup and the temp are warming up. All the snow is gone, at least locally and nothing left for riding even in the mountains.

I did get two late season trips into the cabin, one with Jake and one with Tyler. Hauled in two of the three base cabinets for the kitchen and the counter. Just need to get the third one in so I can cut out the hole for the sink and place it. Sure would be nice to have a kitchen counter and sink instead of the bowls I’ve been using for doing dishes.

Tyler and I finished up the tongue and grove on the main walls and on the nest trip I plan to finish the back wall and if I’m lucky or motivated enough I’ll start on the ceiling. Really need to use up the material I have hauled in so I can get a good list going for next winter. I do have all the materials for an outhouse and that will be a priority, just as soon as I get a hole dig for it.

For work I’ve been working on my CCNA and HAM radio license. Got my HAM license,KL4GO, And can get on the air just as soon as my radio is installed in the truck this week.

Of course now that it is Spring. it’s time to get the ATV’s ready and rolling.

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Christmas with the Kids, cabin with Trish

John : February 4, 2016 7:37 pm : land and Cabin

We spent Christmas Eve with the kids at home and Christmas day packing for our trip to the cabin near Hurricane. This was the wife’s first trip to the cabin since the walls went up. She’d been there once before after we got the foundation and platform built, but it’s a big change from platform to walls, roof, insulation and such.

Christmas 2015

Christmas with Kids, cabin with Trish

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The Cabin Has Stairs

John : April 13, 2015 1:21 pm : land and Cabin

Took a few days off of work and went down to the cabin. I left around 5:30 in the morning figuring I’d get to the parking area by 9:00 so I could ride in to the cabin before the snow started to get to soft to haul any loads. It went pretty good, the temps were in the mid 40’s when I arrived so I only took one light load in the first day, most of my freighting was firewood, so I wasn’t worried about it “disappearing” overnight from my truck.

As I said it was a nice day when I arrived on Wed, cloudy but warm. After spending the day opening up the cabin and moving things around so I could get to the front wall it was dinner time, so I called it a night and relaxed for the evening. Moving a few things included taking down 4 sets of scaffolding and hauling it out to the deck and moving the firewood I was storing inside to keep dry out to the deck as well. So it took a few hours to complete.


Cabin has inside stairs

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Spring is in the air

John : March 23, 2015 1:40 pm : land and Cabin

So I made a trip down to the cabin for 4 days and it was beautiful.

50 above when I arrived at the parking at 4:00 PM Thursday. Still lots of snow and not to soft for riding on.


Chulitna in March

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Iron Dog Week 2015

John : March 8, 2015 7:57 am : land and Cabin, Sledding

After the Sweetheart run the week before I decided to make a cabin run and haul in some more lumber for the generator shack. Jake offered to come along so we also hauled in the new 7KW generator, which means I can run the chop saw again when getting the tongue and grove up on the inside walls.

Feb 2015, Cabin and Iron Dog

2015 Iron Dog and a couple cabin pics

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Hurricane Cabin in Jan 2015

John : January 21, 2015 9:15 am : land and Cabin

Finally made it in. We are definately lacking snow fall, but I did have a good 5 days :< ) So you can see in the pictures below, what is considered low snow and how much I had to shovel off the steps just to get to the door. The others are shots of the tongue and grove boards I got on the first wall. more »

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Snow storms and cabin

John : December 27, 2014 5:05 pm : land and Cabin

So we finally got some snow and it turned out to be a big dump. Ok, snow down and time to get to the cabin and work on the inside walls.

I picked up some form board to finish insulating the floor, well not really, the floor insulation is actually done with a R-38 rating, but dang it, I keep hitting my head on the floor joist when I go under the cabin, so I figured I’d add a layer of 1 inch foam board. Increase the insulation factor y 4 to give me a R-42 floor and cover up the floor joist so I could cut back on my aspirin intake.

Hurricane 12/26/14

The cabin day after Christmas


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Another Alaska Cabin, Oct 25, 2014

John : October 28, 2014 5:34 am : land and Cabin

My latest trip to the Steese cabin site was to see what little I could offer in getting the cabin enclosed. Winter is here and enclosing the cabin is way up on the priority list so the inside work can be done is some comfort.

I also hauled in the material to finish up my cabin’s foundations. Not sure I’m going to build a cabin here but at least a nice 16×24 foot platform that I can use to set up my wall tent on for hunting season and some basic exploring weekends. This part of the country is excellent for ATV riding and doing a little recreational gold panning, so who knows, maybe I can dig up a little gold to help with the cost of building a cabin here.

By time I left for the day the cabin was enclosed minus a window and door, but no biggie, putting those in shouldn’t take them more than an hour at the most. So good luck Dean, I’m going to spend the next couple of weekends trying to fill a winter moose hunt tag I have since I missed the general hunt this year.

Another Alaska Cabin, Oct 18

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Another Alaska Cabin, Oct 18, 2014

John : October 19, 2014 9:52 am : land and Cabin

Saturday morning Jake and I drove up the Steese to the parking area. The original plan was to work on the porch deck, help get the wall sheeting up and the house wrap on.

So as all good plan’s go this one was changed before we even got started. Met Dean and loaded up the Siglin sled and hauled it behind the Bearcat for our first run in. Dean asked me if I’d mind hauling the rest of the material in and of course I said sure. So Jake and I ran three trips hauling the last of the heavy materials to the cabin site. A nice and easy day actually, all considered. The weather at the cabin site was fantastic, blue bird skies and sunshine. The weather at the parking area, 7 miles away was a different story. It started out nice, but by time we got the last load ready to go in the wind was blowing and the clouds were coming in.
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Another Alaska Cabin, 4th weekend

John : October 6, 2014 12:08 pm : land and Cabin

I figured I’d make another trip, my fourth, up to the cabin site to help some more with the building. This was going to be a big push weekend as Dean had gotten a few more hands to help, a couple of good carpenters. I left town early with the plan to beat the snow fall that was suppose too fall in Fairbanks and the Alaska Range. The Alaska Range is south, so no worries, right…

The Steese site is more in the Central weather area as far as weather reports. The news was saying a bit of snow in town and nothing out of the Central area, at least that’s what it said before I left. So the drive up was pretty easy and relaxing and I got to wait a bit for the others to show up. They and I were going to stay in one of the enclosed trailers with a heater. Since I wasn’t familiar with the heater I just hung out at the summit and started to read a good book. After they showed up we all packed our gear in the trailer and got the heater going.
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