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2016 FST Sweetheart Run

Posted by on February 14, 2016

The FST Sweetheart run was another great trip down the Tanana to Nenana and a lunch at the Monderosa. The river conditions were pretty good, but lacking in snow cover and lots of sheet ice and I was glad to have the Bearcat’s track studded up. However, those same wonderful studs also caused me some issues. I threw a couple of the studs and one of them went through my cooling unit. Same as getting a hole in your radiator, loss of radiator fluid and overheating 🙁 I ended up having to remove the track and lots of front end part to get the heat exchanger off, welded and then back on again.

The Bearcat wasn’t fixed by time the Iron Dog started so I rode Trish’s old Cougar 550 for the week marking trail and getting everything ready for our short portion of the race that we help set up. By use I mean me and a couple of Snow Travelers and and anyone else I could con into helping 🙂 That old Cougar did great, especially when Stoney’s (one of those friends I conned) sled broke down on the Chena River and I had to drag his sled and two tow behinds sled full of trail marking stakes. It was an interesting ride to say the least.
Anyway, a warm and fine spring. I could get use to this early warm up, just need more snow to go with it.

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